SCATTERLINGS Conference and Events journey began 21 years ago in the conference and events sector. Scatterlings has witnessed the growth of this industry to incorporate business tourism as a key pillar of the South African tourism sector which is a significant contributor to the national economy and job creation.

The effect of COVID-19 on the conference industry has been devastating. We are all aware that gatherings of people have been prohibited and will only be allowed beyond Level 1 of the government lockdown procedures.

There are two aspects to consider; firstly, the conference and events industry at large has come to an absolute standstill and secondly, this has a dramatic effect on the lives of the people who service this industry. All businesses have faced salary reductions, retrenchments and for many the demise of the industry has forced companies who have been in business for many years to close. As many industries get the opportunity to restart work on 4 May 2020 there is no prospect on the horizon for the conference industry to reengage within the next 6 months or more. Many PCO’s (Professional Conference Organisers) and Event Companies as well as suppliers and 3rd party vendors to the industry will simply not survive.

As the market leader in South Africa, we firmly believe in the power of face to face meetings. It is human nature to meet, socialise and network. With this in mind, face to face meetings will return, although we anticipate on a smaller scale. What we don’t know is when that day will come.

Even then we believe face to face meetings will never be the same in what we term as the “new normal”. Scatterlings has developed a suite of hybrid technologies to facilitate presenters, delegates, exhibitors and sponsors who are unable to attend in person. Our suite of virtual conference tools will keep our clients connected to their audiences over this period until we return to face to face meetings.

COVID-19 has changed the conference industry forever and has accelerated the development of new tools and strategies for the future. At the moment it is a matter of survival.

Over the years Scatterlings has forged very powerful relationships with our clients, suppliers and 3rd party vendors. Scatterlings has a strong record of repeat business with clients like LIASA where we have organised the annual conference for 9 years. Many of our repeat clients who host annual meetings have moved their conferences to 2021.

Scatterlings is committed to these long-term clients and we look forward to seeing everyone at LIASA 2021.

Rowan Moss
MD of Scatterlings Conference and Events

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