Which is the right vitual conference solution for you?

Virtual platform overload? | One size won’t fit all! | What is your need?

Our lives, our jobs, our teams have been disrupted on an unprecedented scale. The use of digital virtual conference platforms have skyrocketed. Everyone has gone virtual, from conferences to home-schooling; company meetings to personal hangouts.

Conferences and meetings are regarded as important parts of professional life. They allow us to connect with people and ideas in our field, and can be opportunities to advance new knowledge.

With so many of us “grounded”, what are the alternatives to attending traditional conferences and meetings?

There is no shortage of virtual conferencing tools out there, but not all are suited for medium and large meetings. “Off the shelf” virtual platforms may work well for chatting with clients but may struggle with larger audiences.

It’s essential that the interactions and engagement that make conferences so valuable aren’t being lost or compromised. Stringing together a bunch of Webinars is not an effective way to organize or host a successful virtual conference. The same goes for relying on a bunch of talking heads to keep audiences engaged. Most webinars platforms offer a similar experience. They provide attendees with a single session to attend.

Scatterlings OnAir virtual platform can offer multi-track agendas with parallel sessions. Attendees can “curate” their own experience and build their own agenda

The new reality that has been forced upon us is helping us realise just how important personal human connections are. There will always be a hunger for face to face meetings.

Right now, what you need is to revamp your events strategy with technology to fit this virtual world we currently live in to ultimately support your future hybrid events strategy.

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